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General Maintenance

While the average mechanic should be able to provide maintenance for many different types of cars. Mechanics who are experienced in European car services are better able to recognize the specific issues, quirks, and needs of European-built cars.


Electrical Repairs

Your vehicle’s electrical system is important to the operation of your car or truck. Managing several critical parts that operate all other components related to electrical needs. The demands for such specialized equipment takes certified technicians with a deep understanding of the system.


Aftermarket Modifications

We are authorized Dinan and APR dealer-installer. We offer expert consultation on performance upgrades to exhaust systems, fuel injectors, suspensions, brakes, and sport performance tuning software. Our certified expertise can help increase the power, speed, performance, and handling of most fine German brands.


Pre-Trip Inspections

How do you inspect a car before a trip? What should I check before my long drive? Should I change my oil? Contact us to ensure safe travels before you hit the road!


A/C Services

Cars these days are engineered to be as comfortable as your own living room. Returning to that cool, comfortable spot behind the wheel can certainly help take the edge off a long day. Certainly in the extremes of the summer and the winter, cool air and heat become absolute necessities.


Engine Repairs

We diagnose engine problems and can help assess the value of replacing or repairing your engine. Depending on the best course of action for you and your vehicle, we can replace, rebuild, or repair your vehicle’s engine — for any vehicle including domestic cars and trucks and all European and other “foreign” vehicles. 

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